Spider VPS is the first social vps hosting platform based on blockchain technology aimed at creating a strong community around it and offering high-tech services

Spider VPS
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Rare Hybrid Reward System

Our blockchain uses full hybrid system where POW+POS+Masternodes work simultaneously.

Return Of Investment

We have provided a good Masternodes ROI to encourage early investors and dynamic changing of all rewards.

Fast, Safe, Privacy

Spider coin has fast and safe transactions to provide instant anonymous payments.

PHI2 Mining Algo

PHI2 is efficient algorithm aimed on GPU mining and ASIC resistant.

Powerfull Servers

Our server are based on high-end hardware with Intel Xeon E5 processors.

Spider Payment

Pay for vps hosting with Spider Coin - fully anonymous and with amazing bonuses. We will soon be allowing users to pay in BNB coins as well. BNB is an exchange-based token created and issued by the well-known Binance Exchange. Check out the full details on how to buy BNB coins securely.

Worldwide Location

Rent our servers in different countries.

Career In Spider

We will form a vps service support department from our community members. Flexible working hours and decent pay.

Vps hosting integrated with blockchain

Spider Coin(SPDR) is an open source project based on PIVX code. Blocks are generating with help of POW and POS simultaneously, masternode owners get part of rewards from each of them. Blockchain provides flexible reward system. The amount of rewards per POW/POS block are dynamic and changing during the time. It helps to maintain the investment attractiveness and interest of miners for a long period. As a part of maintaining the investment, we also help beginners find the best stocks to buy. In general, investors are often advised to invest in stocks for the long term to reap the benefits. If you are looking to buy shares but don't know where and how to start, aktien kaufen anfänger guide greatly helps beginners.

Spider VPS

We're giving away 120,000,000 PEPE Meme Coins with no strings attached! 🎉 Claim your share now and dive into the world of crypto fun!

Coin Specifications

  • Ticker: SPDR
  • Algorithm: PHI2
  • Consensus: Hybrid POW+POS
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Rpc-port: 53616
  • Port: 53617
  • Anti-instamine: First 15000 blocks
  • Masternode collater: 7000 (15000 from 133000 block)
  • Masternode activation: 15000 block
  • POS minimum stake age: 1 hour
  • Transaction confirmations: 10
  • Maturity: 60 confirmations
  • Total supply: 25 000 000
  • Premine: 0.8%


Q1 2019

Start Spider blockchain

Q1 2019

Launch hosting platform website

Q1 2019

Listing on Crex24.com exchange

Q1 2019

Listing on Masternodes.online statistics platform

Q1 2019

Listing on Crypto-bridge.org exchange

Q2 2019

Release of Hosting client's area control panel

Q2 2019

Release of Hosting backend solution

Q3 2019

Launch of Spider Coin Hosting Platform

Q3 2019

Starting 'CAREER IN SPIDER VPS' Campaign

Q4 2019

Opening second datacenter in Netherlands

Q4 2019

Analizing results of work and remaking of roadmap


Core Team

Tomas Horak

Back-End Developer

George Voinescu

Lead Engineer

Rian Keegan

Front-End Developer

Dean Connery
a.k.a. MisterD


Paul Donegan
a.k.a. Freedom_Layer

Blockchain developer

Emma Timmons
a.k.a little pony

Design & Management